Moon Bitcoin allows you to claim free satoshis every 5 minutes but allows you to choose when you want to claim and fills up your amount the longer you wait. While it’s not as much as if you claim every few minutes it allows you too not have to worry and visit the page so often. They also have interesting bonus systems!


Loyalty Bonus

Simple, get an extra 1% per day, to qualify you just need to claim at least 1 time a day and it will roll over, this is capped at 100% but a pretty nice extra feature.

Mystery Bonus

Get 0% – 100% extra, the amount changes per claim and is randomly generated but you can never say no to extra, can you?


Up to $200 hourly, free lotto tickets, reward points, no adverts AND an extra 15% to all our users? Sounds too good to be true, right? Keep reading and you’ll find out why are LOVE Freebitcoin.

Without a doubt, Freebitcoin is one of the most respected platforms you can earn crypto on. It’s simple to use, multiple ways to earn (which we will break down later), no annoying ads and if you’re very lucky you can grab a jackpot of $200 worth of bitcoin just in one click. What’s even better is that if you join via us you’ll earn up to 15% extra, no strings attached.

Want a breakdown? Here’s how you can earn in a nutshell.

Claim hourly

It’s as simple as a click, just log in and click to grab anywhere between 20 – 2000000 satoshis. While there is a small chance of hitting the jackpot, it’s free and we have had reports from our users winning the mid-level jackpots about once a month on average.

You’ll also be rewarded with free lottery tickets, and reward points hourly as well, which we’ll break down below.


Every Sunday, you have a chance to win over 1 bitcoin with 2nd – 10th place prizes scaling down from about $500 – $50 on average. Tickets are given away with each hours free claim or can be purchased with your free coins for 1 Satoshi.

Reward points

On top of free satoshis and lottery points, you are also given reward points for each claim. These can be swapped for bonus multipliers with up to 1000% of your hourly claim, gift certificates or even electronic goods such as an iPhone or Beats headphones! Not bad for a little something extra huh?

Wanabit Bonus

Our own way to give back to you! We are super transparent and honest with our users, we earn a small % of your free claims (which do not affect your claims, you still are awarded the same without without us), so we will share an extra 15% of the referral commissions with everyone who joins with us! You have nothing to lose, and 15% to gain!

Join now, free!